UV Printing

UV printing (UV coating ) is a printing process to dry and cure the printing images on paper containers. The UV ink which contains photosensitizer is printed directly onto the substrate and when the inks are exposed to ultra-violet curing light/lamp they turn from a liquid to a solid immediately.

UV Print 1

UV Print 2

UV Print 3

Hot Stamping Process

Hot stamping is also called for hot foil stamping. It is a special printing process without any ink.Tools for hot foil stamping: a steel blank, golden or silver foil, substrates.
In hot metal stamping, we first heat steel blanks until it is red-hot. They are then formed into the desired shape using special die cavity and keep it there for a few seconds while it cools so that they keep the special shape, then we heat the the steel plate, then put the golden or silver foil foil on the hot plate, at last heat transfer the golden or silver metal images onto the Substrates.

Hot Stamping 1

Hot Stamping 2

Hot Stamping 3


Embossing can be divided into flat embossing and roller embossing. Embossing process: using a mould with concave convex pattern, under certain pressure and temperature to form a certain pattern on the surface of the products, including PVC, aluminum, wood, paper and more. It produces an image which is slightly higher than the surface of the material. It is a common art process in decorative packaging industries.

Embossing 1

Embossing 2

Embossing 3

Packaging Structure

Box Structure

Bag Structure

Packaging Material

Recycled Paper

Paper Card

Kraft Paper

Fancy Paper

Beater-Dyed Paper

Coated Paper